South Park: Phone Destroyer
Superheroes update

Who: Ubisoft RedLynx
What: Art direction and design for branding, marketing and in-game. Visual identity, game trailers and advertising.
When: 2019


South Park: Phone Destroyer is the official South Park mobile game. Team up with all your favorite characters, fight epic real-time PvP battles and experience a hilarious single player story created in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios!

My role as the brand art director and brand art team lead was to develop branding and user acquisition assets around the launch and live phase of the game. These trailers here are from the Superheroes update launch. The main trailer (first up top) was created in collaboration with an agency and the user acquisition trailers, of which there are three samples here, were produced fully in-house by our team.

Be it trailers, in-game or marketing assets, we work closely with the mobile art team, developers and South Park Digital Studios to showcase the game and bring new players in. A lot of my work revolved around ideation, communication, art direction, leadership and hands-on visual design work including conceptual design, visual identity development, script writing, video production, booth and sales design (e.g. San Diego Comic-Con International) and working with agencies and third parties.

Character reveal trailers