Nothing Is Real, Anything Is Possible

Who: Personal
What: Writing, editorial, art direction, graphic design, applets programmed with Processing
When: 2011


All my adult life I have been interested in science – cosmology, astrophysics and quantum mechanics in particular. Learning about the strange phenomena has irrevocably shaped how I view the universe and life.

I would love more people to learn about the quirks of the universe and feel the same excitement and wonder I do, but the problem is that most concepts are very hard to grasp. Many phenomena are impossible to see with the naked eye and/or go against common sense. One has to spend considerable energy to make sense these ideas and what they imply. With this project I hoped to help people start that journey.

The project comprises of the book I wrote, designed and illustrated, an accompaniment website and posters. The project was selected for emerge 2011 graphic design graduate showcase and also shown at D&AD: New Blood 2011.

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Website and applets

Book design