Gwen’s Getaway

Who: Ubisoft RedLynx
What: Creative direction, art direction, visual design, UI/UX design, branding & marketing
When: 2023


Escape the noise and relax by giving derelict cabins a badly needed makeover! Solve satisfying puzzles and pick your favorite designs!

Retreat into Gwen’s Getaway, a place of renewal and serene nature. Breathe life back into rustic cabins, unlocking a variety of detail-rich new locations to design after your liking. Solve satisfying puzzles, follow relatable storylines, and transform dilapidated dwellings back into cozy cabins.

I’ve been involved with this project from the beginning helping craft the art direction and visual style for the brand as well as the vision for the world and characters. It has been an interesting and winding road through all the various stages to the launch which is finally here. I’ve led our team of talented artists and outsourcing partners in planning and concepting to execution of our various visual assets including the key art, logo, cinematic trailer, graphic design elements, UA assets and in-game materials such as the introduction video as well as typography for the UI. I continue to lead the brand and marketing art team in the next steps.

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Gameplay preview and in-game intro

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