Angry Birds Movie Comics

Who: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
What: Art direction, art supervision, graphic design, character design, world design, narrative design
When: 2015-2016


A great comic is the balanced sum of three things: beautiful and distinctive art, an excellent story and a captivating world to tell it in. The toughest but also most rewarding part with all Angry Birds comics was to help the various artists find their balance between their unique styles and the Angry Birds world.

With the Angry Birds Movie coming out the comics also needed to be brought to the ‘movie era’. The idea was to take the classic Angry Birds dna and insert into a modern context without losing the fun and easy going feeling the Angry Birds as a brand has always had.

My role was to design and art direct the look of the new books as well as supervise the illustration process of the comics by various artists. As the characters and world entered a totally new stage of evolution with the addition of limbs for example, there was a lot to align and make sure was just right.

Illustration stages: pencil, ink & color