Henrik Sarimo

I am Henrik Sarimo, art director and graphic designer from Helsinki, Finland. I currently work as the Brand Art Director for Ubisoft RedLynx. I previously held positions at Hatch Entertainment as an art director and lead designer and Rovio Entertainment as an art director and graphic designer to name a few.

I have a keen eye for detail and style in addition to excellent graphic design skills across the board. I have worked on all types of projects from key art to UI to comics to E3 stage setups to social media to big game release trailers. I place heavy emphasis on benchmarking, ideating and data to gain a strong basis for all my work. I enjoy creating visual stories and experiences that don’t reach for the lowest hanging fruit yet are approachable, communicate clearly and have a fresh functionality. Having fun during the process is very important too!

I obsess over design and the arts but I also absolutely love video games, photography, cooking, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and roaming the nature whether it be trekking, camping or foraging.

I believe that there is no excuse for bad design. Everything can and should look and feel as good as possible for not only is good design great business, but there is also no excuse not to do your best if you really love what you do.

For my CV please visit my LinkedIn page. If you have something you want to chat about feel free to contact me.